ANIK design, founded in 1999, is an architectural design firm specializing in custom homes, renovations and transformations. Our approach at ANIK design is client-centered and innovative. We achieve our client’s needs within the specific requirements of each building site. We believe that positive intention, clear communication and respectful collaboration are essential to the success of all projects.

Our designs are inspired by the relationship between the home, its residents and its natural surroundings. Our process optimizes views, makes use of natural light and materials, and creates seamless connections between indoor and outdoor spaces. We are comfortable working in diverse styles, both traditional and contemporary. Our focus is to present our clients with the best possible options, having regard to whichever style is appropriate to the situation.

ANIK design has always been committed to the protection of the environment and endeavors to develop projects that are ecologically friendly. At ANIK design we seek to maximize the qualities of functionality, environmental integrity and artistic beauty.


We are a father and daughter design team: Nic Kokas, located in South Surrey B.C. and Ananda Lazare Twigg, based in Victoria B.C. We collaborate on our projects and communicate on a daily basis. The majority of our work is in British Columbia, Canada. In addition, we have completed projects in Oregon, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Japan and Korea. Our work includes Built Green certified and LEED registered homes.

Nicholas Kokas

Prior to taking up house design in 1999, Nic spent many years working as a fine woodworker, cabinetmaker and building contractor. His master craftsmanship and artistry have been demonstrated in his work ranging from intricate Timber Frame joinery to custom home and yacht building. His hands-on experience and thorough knowledge of building construction are valuable assets in his design work and greatly benefit his clients.

Ananda Lazare Twigg

Ananda has been drafting and designing with Nic since 2003. In addition, she worked for a design and build firm for over two years, where she gained valuable experience collaborating with a multidisciplinary team and being directly involved with construction projects. Before entering the architectural design industry, Ananda earned a degree in the faculty of Human and Social Development at the University of Victoria. Her diverse interests, educational background and work experience have inspired a passion that incorporates social and ecological health into all aspects of design.