Single family and multi-unit dwellings: Urban to rural off-grid. Micro-houses, cottages, suburban homes, luxury homes and retreats.
Exterior and interior alterations, up-grading and additions to existing buildings, including secondary income suites, heritage conversions (creating multiple units from single family dwellings) and complete style redesign.

Garden suites and offices, laneway houses, detached garages, coach houses, workshops, play spaces and studios.

Layouts and space planning, kitchens and bathrooms, custom furnishing, millwork design, selection of materials and finishes.

Passive house design (ultra energy efficient), alternative energy systems (active/passive solar and geothermal), and utilization of natural, local, reclaimed and renewable materials.

Exposed crafted timber post and beam structural frame.

Working with developers and community planners to create thriving living spaces using forward-thinking and integrative land development strategies and design solutions.

This is only a sampling of the types of projects we can offer you. We love working on creative designs and developing new ideas with our clients. Tell us what you envision and we will make it happen.


The initial consultation is the beginning of the creative process. During our first meeting, at your home or onsite, we seek to understand the vision of your project and offer initial thoughts. The aim of this consultation is to develop project goals, set a budget and build the foundation for an inspired collaborative relationship.
After our first meeting we look at the possibilities and constraints of your project. This entails a planning review, including researching zoning, bylaws, set-backs and other municipal guidelines. In addition, we perform a site analysis to collect necessary information. Working innovatively within these parameters is where we excel. It is during this stage that we start to develop realistic possibilities of truly transformative design.

Once there is agreement on the vision, requirements and possibilities for the project, we start developing conceptual options. We will draft preliminary sketches and drawings, including a site plan, floor plans, elevations and cross-sections. Through an iterative process, we work to refine the design from the preliminary sketches and bring the project to life by creating 3D computer visual representations. These computer models permit a virtual experience, whereby you can preview the appearance of selected options and overall design.

At this stage we take the accepted design and produce working drawings, including plans for structural engineer specifications, permit approval and construction. We assure that our plans comply with the relevant current building codes and municipal bylaws.

This is the stage where your vision can move into the construction phase. To initiate the building process, plans will be submitted for approval to the city or municipality. At your request, we can coordinate all communications with the planning authorities and building inspectors. During the construction phase, we communicate effectively with general contractors and skilled trades as required.